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Adult paintball with Delta Force

If you're looking for adult paintball then you've come to the right place. Before we tell you more, we would like to invite you to take a look at the video below to see what adult paintball with Delta Force Paintball is like

We hold separate paintball events for adults and juniors so whether you are looking for an unforgettable birthday celebration, corporate event, stag or hen party, or just a great day out with your mates - then whatever your age, you need look no further than Delta Force Paintball.

adult paintball players before paintballing
At Delta Force Paintball you'll turn from this, into this....

Adult paintball players in paintballing equipment
Even your own Mum wouldn't recognise you - handy if you intend to machine-gun a few of your mates!

Children may be easily pleased but as adults we become more discerning.  If you are bringing a mixed group of men and women you will for example want to be sure that the toilet facilities are more than just a 'nip behind that tree' kind of set-up; at Delta Force Paintball we have proper flushing WC's on mains water (not smelly Portaloos) and they are kept properly clean and fully serviceable throughout the day.  This may not sound a lot to ask but the sanitation at most other paintball centres is not up to this standard.

Another important thing to consider is the level of protection offered to players.  A lot of people have been put-off paintballing in the past because of the perception that it hurts.  The protective paintball equipment issued to all players by Delta Force Paintball is of such a high standard as to virtually eliminate the possibility of sustaining a painful hit - we provide full body armour, combat suits with high padded necks, and a helmet/goggle-system that fully encloses the head (like a motorcycle helmet, but lightweight and fully vented).

adult paintball full head protection goggles
Your head is completely protected (even the top and the back) - these goggles are UNIQUE to Delta Force Paintball!

adult paintball helmet splat
You'll be pleased the lenses are shatterproof - and fog resistant (for those steamy days in the jungle).

adult paintball player wearing padded high collar suit
Your neck is fully protected too - check-out the high padded collar on the Delta Force combat suit.

At Delta Force Paintball you can have confidence that you are in safe hands; we own and operate almost 32 Delta Force National Paintball Centres and are associated with 10 further Local Paintball Centres located throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland, we are 5-Star accredited members of the UKPBA (UK Paintball Association - the governing body of the sport in the UK), and we have full Public Liability Insurance.  We are the second largest buyer of paintballs in the world (after Wal-mart), and through our economies of scale we are pleased to be able to pass these savings on to you.  If value for money, convenience, quality and performance are important to you, then Delta Force is your best option for paintball games. We are aware that there are other paintball providers out there so we will endeavour to match any comparable paintball offer from a competitor, meaning you can play paintball with the UK's largest and safest paintball operator with the best available package!

To make life easier for our customers, you can now download our adult registration forms right here.

adult paintball safety briefing with players
Delta Force marshals are on hand throughout the day to supervise the fun and games, ensure the rules are adhered to, and to ensure everyone has a marvellous day.

adult paintball players behind a truck for an ambush
Stick together guys - it's a jungle out there.  Ho Chi Minh Trail?  No, it's our paintball centre in Cobham, Surrey!

adult paintball hiding behind the paintballing barrier
The last two survivors on the blue team plan their final assault. Target in sight - go lads, go!

adult paintball player close up mask shot
Every team also needs it's 'defenders' - silent terminators who lurk in secret bunkers, waiting to take-out the enemy's advance-guard.  This lady has one paintball left - and it's got your name on it!

adult paintball player on the run in smoke
Smoke grenades provide excellent cover to mask your escape - or to confuse the enemy as you charge to victory! 

adult paintball group posing after game
Delta Force Paintball - a great day-out whatever the occasion.

With well over 4,000,000 players safely entertained since 2004, you can be sure that Delta Force is the correct choice for your day of paintball action!

Call our friendly central booking office on 0844 477 5115* to secure your action-packed day of paintball adventure.

When the day is over, the marshals let their hair down....

adult paintball marshals together in a group
...and re-live the highlights of the day - there is always a funny 'happening' to remember as they bid the final player farewell.

adult paintball marshals in london
London paintball marshals sharing a moment.

adult paintball marshals with fake beards
It's been a long day and the 5 O'clock shadow is really showing on these staff members at Delta Force Paintball in Leeds.

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