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Paintball and The Scout Association

On January 1st 2014 the national Scout Association lifted its 16 year ban allowing memebers of the association to understake Paintball, as a scouting activity. Delta Force Paintball is proud to offer a network of 30 UK paintball centres for Scout groups looking for the ultimate adventure. Paintball games are extremely fun and not only that, they are all-inclusive. No prior experience is necessary to get involved – meaning everyone is on an even keel when they play paintball at Delta Force. We have over 24 years’ experience when it comes to providing the ultimate full day event, with players aged from 8+ years all taking part.

"For a full day event we took just under 300 Scouts and Explorers on what turned out to be a fantastic day. Prior to the day and having never been involved with paintballing lots of questions were put to Delta Force, everyone answered in a professional and friendly manor, it was clear from the offset that they as a company would go to any lengths to accommodate us and make sure that the day would run as smoothly as possible.

On the day itself we could not have asked for more, the staff were a real credit to the company - friendly, helpful and accommodating in every way. The organisation throughout the whole day was impeccable and everything flowed really smoothly from start to finish. I would whole heartedly recommend Delta Force Paintball to any Scout Group, District or County looking to take part in a paintballing event."

Jonny Kitching - Assistant County Commissioner Leicestershire Scouts

By choosing Delta Force Paintball for your next adventure with your Scout group, you’re guaranteed an awesome fun day out filled with the following:

  • Leadership development
  • Team bonding
  • Inclusivity amongst peers
  • Focus on positive attitudes
  • FUN

Recommended by the UKPBA

A key factor in Scout groups being allowed to play is for each venue to be an approved paintball provider, namely a member of the UKPBA – the governing body of the sport in the UK.  Delta Force Paintball centres are five star rated members of the UKPBA given the high standard health and safety practices adhered to in conjunction with our commitment to customer service.  All these factors ensure a safe yet fun day out for participants, whether you are playing regular or mini-ball.  The paintball equipment provided at national Delta Force centres is unrivalled by any other UK paintball provider.   Full head protection, custom-designed body armour and combat overalls with padded collars – all players can enjoy the thrills of the game in comfort when they choose Delta Force Paintball for their next Scout adventure.  Read more about our paintball equipment provided at all centres, or call our friendly team on 0844 477 5115 for detailed information.


Types of paintball events for Scout groups

Delta Force Paintball caters for a wide range of players, with regular paintball events for players aged 10 years - adults.   Mini paintball is a brand new paintball game that allows younger participants to test their skills out on the battlefield.  Read more below for more information about the types of paintball events available at Delta Force.

Regular Paintball

Regular paintball events are held for players aged 10-17 years as well as adult groups – no matter what the occasion, look no further than Delta Force Paintball to host your day out. F ull day events from approximately 09:15 - 16:00 are held all year round with the days’ events run to a schedule.  For more information regarding the day itinerary, please click here or you can read further information about the paintball prices and packages available for your group.

Mini Paintball

Mini Paintball is an innovative new style of paintball that allows younger children aged 8-10 years to participate in this popular sport.  Over the course of an afternoon, children are issued with bespoke paintball equipment including full head masks, body armour, protective combat suit and lighter paintball guns.  The paintballs used are also smaller, resulting in a lower impact and an enjoyable day out for youngsters.   Read more about Mini-Ball at Delta Force Paintball  or call our friendly customer service team on 0844 477 5115.

To register your interest in booking a Scout paintball event, please call us or complete the form below and a customer service advisor will be in contact with you.