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Paintballing in Walsall

For paintball in Walsall we recommend the following centre(s):

More about Walsall

Walsall is a large industrial town in the West Midlands of England. It is located northwest of Birmingham and east of Wolverhampton, and is sometimes described as part of the Black Country. When the coalmines ran dry late in the 19th Century, the city became internationally famous for the leather trade. Walsall still manufactures the Queen’s handbags, and is the traditional home of the English saddle manufacture industry.

Unlike many small industrial towns in the last century, Walsall was very active in providing cultural facilities for its citizens. Its continuous growth is evidenced by its population growth from less than 10,000 in 1820 to well over 90,000 by the turn of the century. Industrially, it became more diverse producing equipment for the railways and engine parts for the growing motor trade. Through this, Walsall was named 'the Town of a hundred trades'.

There are plenty of parks and recreational areas in Walsall that provide locals with a friendly atmosphere, including the Bloxwich Centre that has been designed with families and disabled in mind. In fact, there are over 500 parks and open spaces within the borough of Walsall. Oak Park is one of the busiest, offering almost anything the sporting fitness enthusiast might wish for. In addition to this, the area also offers exciting and action packed weekend activities, including canoeing, climbing, mountain biking and other outdoor pursuits.

There is a vast range of entertainment catering to all the people of Walsall, with much of it to be found in the borough. The Town Hall has an impressive year round programme, ranging from classical and modern symphony concerts to jazz and big band shows. There is a good choice of pubs, wine bars and nightclubs, or for a quieter night out, there are a variety of cinemas and ten-pin bowling centres to enjoy. There is no shortage of entertainment during the day either, with large shopping areas catering many national chain stores, including the Saddlers Centre and Old Square.