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Paintballing in Hull

For paintball in Hull we recommend the following centre(s):

  • Hull (Kingston-upon-Hull)

More about Hull

The city of Hull was granted its title in 1897 at the peak of its whaling fortunes.  Hull’s seaside position and close proximity to Europe has meant the area has always enjoyed great prosperity through the sea, with riches made through deep-sea fishing and trade.

However Hull’s fortunes ultimately lead to its downfall and almost complete obliteration during the Second World War. Ninety five percent of the city was destroyed leaving hundreds of thousands of Hull’s residents homeless. Many reports suggest that Hull was second only to London in devastation, however during the war towns were never named to protect them from German invasion with Hull commonly referred to as the northern coastal town.

Severe floods that tormented many towns throughout the UK yet again damaged Hull in 2007. £100 million worth of damage was caused to the cities schools as standing water caused severe structural harm and forced their closure.

Hull remains a major port to this day with commodities and road traffic shipped daily to several Dutch ports in Europe. Although the city continues to prosper it has never fully recovered from the post-industrial era with many of the buildings no decrepit and underdeveloped. Hull was once described as the worst place to live in the UK by Channel Fours programme

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