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Paintballing in Hemel Hempstead

For paintball in Hemel Hempstead we recommend the following centre(s):

More about Hemel Hempstead

With a population of around 89,000 people, the borough of Hemel Hempstead began its modern life as a New Town, an area in the UK designated to housing the thousands of homeless Londoners who had lost everything during World War Two.

Situated on the River Gade, Hemel Hempstead had 11 watermills working in the vicinity of the town in the late seventeen hundreds prompting Hemel to become one of the largest grain suppliers in the UK.

Hemel Hempstead has grown in strengths since the 1940’s and now includes an action packed leisure centre containing movie screens, a bowling alley, ice rink, water park, one of the two dry ski slopes in Hertfordshire and a number of entertaining nightclubs.

One of the cities major landmarks and talking points is an area of road called the “magic” roundabout; officially named the Moor End roundabout. This is a large roundabout made up of six smaller roundabouts built to cope with the expansion of the city. Traffic has the ability to travel in both directions with the normal roundabout rules applying at each of the six smaller roundabouts – a truly adventure filled experience.

Aircraft fanatics will be keen to know that an area known as the Bovington Stack, one of Heathrow’s holding areas, is located in the west end of the city. On a clear day the sky is packed with circling aircraft waiting their turn to land at the worlds busiest airport.